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Who We Are...

We are a group of avid amateur pickleball players who have come together to increase awareness of and active involvement in the sport of pickleball in DC. We encourage participation and enjoyment of pickleball by new players, visitors, WDCP members, and their guests.

We introduce new players to the game with excellent lessons provided by certified pickleball instructors, and, once introduced, you will find our experienced players are happy to help newer players to practice the fundamentals. Our outdoor and indoor playing venues are convenient and almost all are free. We encourage new players to join a collaborative and welcoming community of experienced amateur players. We’re all there to have fun!

Washington DC Pickleball
Washington DC Pickleball Members

What We Do...

Washington DC Pickleball (WDCP) is formally recognized as a nonprofit corporation to promote and organize pickleball play in Washington, DC.

The WDCP works closely with the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to develop and expand pickleball venues, including reserved play times, tournaments, and social events. Through DPR, we now have dedicated courts for year-round play, and we have other sites where access is shared with tennis players. Check out the locations to play pickleball and our pickleball calendar.

We invite you to join the WDCP for full-time play — or simply drop in to see what pickleball is about or to begin learning the game. If you’re just visiting the area, please feel free to come by and join the fun with us.

Our Mission

WDCP wants to enhance the enjoyment, health, and social engagement of all amateur pickleball participants through organized recreational and competitive play, player development opportunities and improvement of facilities.

Washington DC Pickleball Organization Members

Washington DC Pickleball Club Bylaws

This not-for-profit corporation is formed with an oversight group of Board Members.

By: Scott Parker, Managing Director and Head of Northwest & Northeast DC Locations

By: Ruth Ellis, Head of Southwest & Southeast DC Locations

By: Janice Pauly, Director of Competition

By: Position Open, Membership Relations Director

By: Elizabeth Rankin, Treasurer

By: Dee Matthews, Social Director

By: Cynthia Grant, Data Management Director

By: Nora Burke, Director of Planning

By: Eileen Dougherty, Director of Advocacy

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