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WDCP membership is $30 per person for DC residents and $40 for non-DC residents, per year.  Any adult 22 or older is welcome to join as an amateur player.

To join, please complete our online signup form.

How to Join Washington DC Pickleball

Membership Benefits

As a WDCP member, you’ll enjoy many benefits, which include access to pickleball equipment and discounted access to training clinics, workshops, social events, promotional/charitable events, ladder leagues, tournaments and online personal discounts for equipment and WDCP-branded apparel. 

We provide a strong voice in the community to advocate for amateur pickleball, resulting in more dedicated and hybrid courts on which to play. The most significant achievement in our first year was securing $750,000 in capital funding for pickleball in the Mayor’s FY 2024 budget. That funding directly resulted from advocacy collaboration with DPR, selected City Council members, and the Mayor’s office. It is the first capital commitment of DPR and the city to pickleball — ever!

Citywide Efforts Update for our First Year:

  • WDCP spent $5000 to buy new net sets and to replace nets, balls, storage bins at nearly every site in the city and across all its quadrants. We donated an additional $2000 to DPR’s pickleball program via directed purchases for Turkey Thicket and Palisades.
  • Through our efforts, new court capacity was added in several new locations, such as Friendship Park, Hillcrest, Jefferson, Volta Park, and North Michigan Park. WDCP also negotiated time slot increases to add court accessibility at other locations. We now have more days and time to play at Palisades, Jefferson, Edgewood, and Turkey Thicket.
  • WDCP formed a working group of stakeholders to find a path forward for permanent courts on Virginia Ave adjacent to Garfield Park in SE.
  • During the winter and early spring, we arranged for indoor Saturday night play at East Potomac Tennis Center for the nominal fee of $10, accessible only to WDCP members.
  • The DC Challenge Tournament last fall and the DC Classic tournament in May were both events WDCP successfully co-sponsored with DPR.
  • WDCP added a new teams league competition this past spring in full cooperation with DPR, whose staffers managed many of the arrangements — a successful collaboration.
  • Social events were hosted by WDCP in three quadrants of the city. They are a terrific way to increase a sense of community among our members. 

Our ability to present ourselves as a true organization of 650+ members allows us to be much stronger advocates for DC pickleball both with DPR and with the political leaders of the city.

Washington DC Pickleball Member
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More Benefits!

If you’re new to the sport, we’ll help you learn in a friendly and fun environment. As your skills improve, you may continue to play a casual social game or you may decide to ramp up your game and play at a more competitive amateur level. Our members play at all skill levels, but each person may choose to play within his or her comfort zone. No pressure!

In addition to fun on the courts, your membership entitles you to a discount on pickleball equipment, clothing, and accessories.  Go to pickleballcentral.com to see a full range of quality pickleball products. The site also provides extensive guides and explanations to aid in equipment selection. Enter the discount code provided to members at checkout to receive a 5% member discount for WDCP members. Each time you use the discount, WDCP also will receive a 5% credit to use on balls, etc.

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